Pray 4 Hayden

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This video is a loving tribute to our beautiful son, John Hayden Stanley, and the wondrous light his life has always been.  We wanted to share God's great mercies, miracles and grace in our lives; giving you a glimpse of the blessings He has bestowed upon us.  Through this video you will see (like never before) the trials and suffering that Hayden has gone through, proving just how strong he is.  Most importantly though, we pray that you recognise God in these pictures as He has been rebuilding Hayden's body, his life, and his inner light.  For a young man who was diagnosed with less than a 1% chance to survive almost 4 years ago, Hayden gets stronger and improves everyday...all allowed by the one true God, our Lord in Heaven.  It is our greatest intention to glorify God with this video and to inspire you to believe beyond knowing, that "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS US!"
Please click on the link below to watch Hayden's video: