Pray 4 Hayden


John Hayden Stanley

"The Lord stands beside me like a great warrior." Jeremiah 20:11
TRAGIC 3-31.

During spring break of Hayden's 8th grade year, he traveled toWashington D.C. with fellow classmates and his father. He spent an amazing week viewing our nation's capitol and was thrilled to visit historic landmarks. Two days after his return, Hayden was hit by a teen driver on March 31st, 2007. Hayden was hit in front of his own house while standing within 3 feet of the curb. The teen driver wasn't paying attention, was speeding, and didn't see Hayden until it was too late. Hayden was drug under the car for nearly 50 feet, remaining trapped underneath the radiator support. Upon impact Hayden was knocked unconscious and has remained in a coma since that day due to a traumatic brain injury. He has shown amazing strength and is overcoming tremendous odds daily. Initially he was given less than a 1% chance of surviving, it has now been almost 6 years since the accident.  Our merciful God in heaven blessed us with the miracle of saving Hayden's life; we now pray and await the miracle of Hayden waking up. Your faithfulness in prayer for Hayden is always a blessing and we are eternally grateful.

"The prayer of  faith shall save Hayden, and the Lord shall raise him up."
James 5:15

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